About Me

about me pic     I knew when I was in fourth grade that my biggest greenbluedream was to become an author. I wanted to write fantastical adventures of worlds I created, and to fall in love and befriend my own characters, and to cry when they cried and laugh when they laughed. I wanted to get lost so deep in my own stories that they almost felt like reality. I wanted to create worlds other people could live in, too, when they read my book

J.K. Rowling is a huge inspiration to me. Her writing and attention to detail is phenomenal and I can only hope to create a world that is so complex, imaginative, and original as her world of Harry Potter. There are so many places, connections, and characters that it’s like you’re following Harry through a real world and the history she created for it is so unbelievably believable. I’ve never read another book or series that has so much depth.

      If I could do one thing besides write, I would travel; although I plan to do a lot of both. I feel like the more you travel and learn about the world, the more you can create in another one. When you write you can’t simply be an author; you have to be a doctor with a plot to create the ultimate human, a child with a bad temper, a vampire who writes poetry, a woman in the 1800s who learns to travel in time, a nerdy boy who’s too scared to tell a girl he likes her, a magician with a passion for cooking. There’s so much an author has to learn before they can write and that’s what I love about it. There’s always new things you’ll discover that you can apply to your writing.
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As of right now I am writing my first book that I plan to get published. No one in my family (except Ralph Waldo Emerson who I’m apparently distantly related to) has gone through the writing process so, honestly, I have no idea what I’m doing. I just know I like to write and create. With this blog, I hope to help other aspiring and young writers like me who need help in navigating the world of writing. I will be giving advice as I go along in my journey as well as things I do to help my writing, book reviews, short stories I’ve written, and general things I go through as a teenager that could help others. I hope at pinkblue.pngleast one person can find my writing and advice useful.

     I am a freshman Journalism major at the University of Florida. English and history classes are where I shine; I love reading, writing, and researching. I want to have a career in book publishing or journalism, while I plan to be an author on the side, unless of course there’s some off chance that I turn into J.K. Rowling and can do it full time.